Saturday, May 14, 2016

Lost in America

Also on the list of forgotten things: Band-Aids.

Morning was uneventful except for Moira getting a small cut on her finger and the local gas station not having air. We got relish and Band-Aids at a grocery and finally got the car to stop complaining about tire pressure a couple hours down the road.

We had more navigation hiccups today. The first, we got send off US-101S through some twisty farm road and back onto 101. Still not sure why. Lunch was at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. I really wanted the habanero cheddar mac and cheese, but knowing that I'm halfway through my forties, felt it wiser to go for the taco salad. We'll see how this winds up playing out.

Our second issue was at what was supposed to be our destination. Maps had us turn around a couple times, and eventually we figured out it was trying to route us somewhere unconnected from the highway. Turns out between Maps and the camping reservation system, we passed our campsite maybe halfway through the day. Oops. We wound up 25 miles south of where we were aiming for at a different state campground. Still managed dinner and getting the tent set up. I'm a bit disappointed in the camping mattress so far, but the real test is how I feel in the morning.

Speaking of morning, pictures will have to wait until then as not everything is as synced as it should be. Meanwhile, my crazy mixed up world of the roughing it, I'll be going to bed without watching the F1 qualifying session my tablet spent all day downloading. Maybe in the morning...


  1. I'll bet your fellow campers are curious about your choice of SUV.

  2. I'll bet your fellow campers are curious about your choice of SUV.