Sunday, April 1, 2012

California Sun (Mostly)

My second solo trip with Moira went pretty well, in spite of presenting a new set of challenges. Waking up, getting breakfast, picking up something for lunch, getting her to daycare and getting to work on time is a challenge when dealing with a hotel. This is as close as I care to get to being a single parent. It's clear that trying this at home, or even having a kitchen, would make it a bit easier, but there still don't seem to be enough hours in the day. I think the closest we got to bedtime was an hour later than usual, and that was only because we were in a hotel with no bathtub, so bath was postponed for a day.

On the plus side, she did her own packing, which was somewhat questionable. For Thursday and Friday, I'd mentioned that we should probably have brought her shoes. The downpour we got Saturday morning, though, made her rain boots the perfect choice.

We closed on our new house on Friday. Moving is two weeks from now. In the meantime, there's a huge amount of stuff to get ready. It's also the beginning of a new quarter that includes the review for a round of promotions, so there's a huge amount of stuff to do at work as well. This week also includes Norwescon, and prep for a long gaming weekend in May. This would be one of the reasons for taking it easy on caffeine most of the time, so that during periods like this, there's a bit of reserve to dip into when I start trading sleep for an extra hour or two a day.

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